At A Concert

Concerts provide a fun, unique environment for everyone to enjoy. In addition to the music, outdoor concerts feature beautiful weather, affordable admission, and future friends everywhere you look. Indoor concerts are just as much fun, with eye-catching videos and lyrics to your favorite songs streaming on the screens. Every season is a good season to enjoy a concert… but we know you think twice about going when you have a little one at home.

You don’t have to put your interests on the back burner. If you love concerts, make plans to attend!

You don’t need a babysitter. All you need is a Hush Hat and you can take your baby to concerts with you! Our revolutionary Hush Hat is the world’s first sound absorbing hat for babies. Specifically designed to capture sounds that are damaging to babies’ sensitive ears, The HUSH Hat provides increased comfort and safety, leading to longer naps and happier concerts -- for both babies and parents alike.

You don’t have to worry about loud music or videos when your baby has on a Hush Hat, because those precious ears are protected. And your little one will be happy taking in the sites and smells of those concert crowds that you love so much.

Now is a great time to buy! Imagine raising a kid who loves concerts as much as you do: it’s possible with the Hush Hat! Order now!