At A Theme Park

The rides. The sun shining on your face. The food! There are hundreds of reasons to enjoy theme parks with your family and friends. Your local theme park is one of your favorite places to visit, but you haven't been as often since you had your baby.

You expected you wouldn't be able to ride roller coasters and walk long distances while you were recovering after delivery, but you didn't expect that you would have to stay home because you had a fussy baby.

It's easy to see why a baby would get fussy in a theme park. There are so many noises, which makes it tough for baby to nap. And when baby doesn't nap, baby gets fussy. What happens when baby gets fussy? The rest of your family becomes irritated and the day at the park no longer feels fun.

Spending an entire day at your favorite theme park isn't a pipe dream when if you have a baby… if you have a HUSH Hat.

Our revolutionary Hush Hat is the world’s first sound absorbing hat for babies. Specifically designed to capture sounds that are damaging to babies’ sensitive ears, The HUSH Hat provides increased comfort and safety, leading to longer naps and happier trips to the theme park -- for both babies and parents alike.

Order your Hush Hat today, pull out your season tickets, and make plans to spend the entire day at the theme park!