At The Movie Theater

The thrill of the cinema. The music. The adventure. The snacks. The comfortable seating. The state-of-the-art screen. There’s nothing quite like it. But the entire experience falls apart when the baby starts to scream.

You want to get out and go to the movies, but it’s tough when you have a little one who could get fussy. Sometimes, it feels like it’s easier to just stay home.

We know how you feel. You wouldn’t trade anything for that little bundle of joy… but there’s a piece of you that desperately wants to get out of the house. A little bit of adult interaction is good for the soul… even if it comes by sitting in reclining seats surrounded by a room full of strangers.

Don’t hire a babysitter. Get a Hush Hat.

Our revolutionary Hush Hat is the world’s first sound absorbing hat for babies. Specifically designed to capture sounds that are damaging to babies’ sensitive ears, The HUSH Hat provides increased comfort and safety, leading to longer naps and happier movie dates -- for both babies and parents alike. You don’t have to worry about your baby crying during the movie, because the Hush Hat solves that.

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