At The Theatre

Anyone can sit at home and watch a movie. But that pales in comparison to dressing up, getting out of the house and enjoying a night at the theatre. The music. The lighting. The costumes. It all adds up to a wonderful night that feeds your soul and helps you feel a little more like yourself again.

The only thing that can ruin a special night at the theatre is a fussy baby.

You want your baby to grow up and love the theatre as much as you do, but that's tough to do if your baby is fussy and could ruin the experience for you and the guests around you. However, staying home and missing out isn't the best option. Neither is hiring a babysitter.

You can enjoy a night out on the town when you put your baby in a HUSH Hat.

Our revolutionary Hush Hat is the world’s first sound absorbing hat for babies. Specifically designed to capture sounds that are damaging to babies’ sensitive ears, The HUSH Hat provides increased comfort and safety, leading to longer naps and happier theatre experiences -- for both babies and parents alike.

Go ahead and order your tickets. Find the perfect dress. And buy a HUSH Hat while you’re at it! Then you can all enjoy a night at the theatre.