Best Baby Hats - HUSH Hat

Sound Absorbing HUSH Hat™ Technology Stops Noise! Top Rated New Product.


Top 5 Reasons To Purchase HUSH Hat: 

1 - Baby Hat Helps You Keep Your Lifestyle

With the HUSH Hat you can still enjoy going to movies, sporting events, etc.  The HUSH Hat will keep your baby sleeping soundly. 

2 - Hearing Protection

The HUSH Hat will Protect your baby's ears.  Our patented design will keep your precious new baby from all the loud noises.  A newborn babies ears are more sensitive to sound that yours.  Sounds that don't bother you will bother your new baby.

3 - Great Baby Beanie Styles

The HUSH Hats are more than just a sound proof hat.  They are a fashion statement.  Check out our new styles here.

4 - Makes A Great Gift

If your looking for the perfect baby shower gift look no further.  You will be the toast of the party bringing the HUSH Hat to the shower.  Not only will you be bringing a great looking beanie you will also be protecting the baby's ears.

5 - Helps Your Baby Sleep Cycle

Throughout your day your baby will get the full sleep cycle that will help with growth and development.  The HUSH Hat helps with Colic and will give your baby the sound sleep they need for optimal brain development.  



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"The HUSH Hat is an innovative product that has shown to be very effective in helping reduce everyday noises that can overstimulate babies and even harm they're hearing."
- Dr. Darren Housel, OBGYN


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