How It Works

HUSH Baby Technology

HUSH Hat™ Is The #1 Sound Absorbing Baby Hat

The HUSH Hat™ contains a specially designed Confor Visco Elastic energy absorbing foam. The foam absorbs high frequency, high decibel sounds while still allowing the baby to hear and experience the world around them. It makes everyday sounds safe and comfortable to the babies developing ears. Children's ears continue to develop until age 2. The HUSH Hat™ was successfully tested with Owens Corning Labs.

Baby Hat

The HUSH Hat™ uses a layer of mesh to incase the foam. The mesh allows the foam to react to the heat of the baby's skin, conforming to the ear.

We use a super soft, stretchy jersey kit fabric that is breathable for all climates. It's through our extensive research that makes the HUSH Hat™ parents favorite Baby Hat.